**There exists an issue with scaling in the browser window where the "START" link at the first screen of the game is obscured. You may use CTRL+- to scale down the window so that it becomes visible and then carry on!**

Childhood Memories

You are Mikhail Burkhov a revolutionary that is trying to stop the civil war. You are accompanied by Yngha Strider who is a wizard aspected towards time; she was gone but came back to help in the war.

In the middle of a civil war, you travel fifteen years back in time to witness the childhood events of one of the faction leaders.

Since that faction turned into a sizeable force there is no foreseeable end to the hostilities besides the opponents compromising to an armistice.

You need to discover a way through Gianni Stina's memories that will allow you to argue against him.

-Fullscreen for best results :)

- There are some scenes, both visual and written, that might be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Dark and awesome! Can't wait for the next episode.